TXT’s Hueningkai Stuns In New Photoshoot—Here Are Other Times He Took Our Breaths Away

Photoshoots were made for him.

TXT‘s Hueningkai is the group’s self-proclaimed cutie. He’s not shy to show off adorable aegyo that never fails to make us squeal!

At the same time, however, tough concepts also suit him like it’s nobody’s business. Take his recent photoshoot with GQ Korea as an example.

He wore a black leather jacket that emphasized his gorgeous blonde hair and rugged good looks.

In the same photoshoot, he turned the concept around and wore a bright green sweater and colorful cardigan. The duality is real with him!

Speaking of blonde, Hueningkai looks amazing in this hair color.

We have absolutely no complaints if it’s here to stay!

Of course, his stunning good looks don’t end in behind the scenes videos or photoshoots. Case in point, his many heart-stopping ending fairy poses that we still can’t get over.

How does he manage to make each and every one of them perfect?

Finally, enjoy this gif if Hueningkai owning the stage with his sultry facial expressions. It’s so good that we won’t blame you if you repeat it over and over again!