TXT’s Hueningkai Isn’t Comfortable With Wearing His Glasses In Public—Here’s Why

We love him with glasses!

TXT‘s Hueningkai is truly one gorgeous individual that he honestly looks handsome in anything, however, there is one thing Hueningkai shared that he doesn’t like wearing, his glasses.

During an episode on Melon Station radio series, the members of TXT shared what type of magic/spell they would use on one another. For Hueningkai, the group’s leader Soobin shared he would use magic to make Hueningkai’s eyes not become smaller when he puts on his glasses.

I’d give Huening… magic so his eyes won’t becom small even he wears glasses?

— Soobin

Soobin further expressed that if his eyes didn’t look smaller when he wears glasses, perhaps he would feel more confident in wearing them out as he does in the dorm.

Hueningkai takes off his lenses and wears glasses at the dorm sometimes. I think if hueningkai thinks he looks pretty when he wears glasses too then he’d be able to comfortably wear them outside as well and not just at the door.

— Soobin

While Soobin’s answer might seem random, Hueningkai has actually expressed on Weverse how much he dislikes wearing his glasses because of how small they make his eyes look in the past. During the episode, Hueningkai jumped in and restated his dissatisfaction with his glasses.

I can’t wear them outside, it’s because of my glasses…the lenses are very small and thick.

— Hueningkai

Despite Hueningkai’s belief, there has been plenty of evidence that proves he looks stunning in some nice frames!


Source: @translatingTXT