TXT’s Hueningkai And Taehyun Reveal The Truth About Wearing Glasses And Hats On Stage

They look good but aren’t easy to deal with.

Depending on the performance, idols often wear accessories to fit the concept. Taking into consideration many of the stage accidents that come about from them, they aren’t always as comfortable to wear as they seem.

In one of TXT‘s latest live broadcasts, Hueningkai and Taehyun revealed just how bothersome they could be.

For their performance of “Run Away” during their FanLive Dream X Together, Hueningkai “wasn’t supposed to put on glasses.”

He wanted to be a rebel and do the opposite. Instead, “it ended up falling off… The glasses came off during the latter half of the second verse.”

Since they move a lot on stage, Taehyun asked if he’d used a rubber band or something else to secure it in place. Hueningkai admitted that he hadn’t, “That’s why it flew away.” While he’d been dancing, the glasses moved all around the place, shaking up and down before flying off. Taehyun could relate.

He mentioned the time he’d worn a pair during a stage for Music Bank. Even though he’d secured the glasses in place, they went flying. Fortunately, one of the show’s staff caught them, “The director later handed it over to me saying, ‘Taehyun, your glasses.'” Glasses weren’t the only tricky accessory.

They were also reminded of hats. Once Taehyun pointed them out, Hueningkai was quick to agree about how difficult they could be to handle.

Not only that, but different types of hats also changed how easy they were to secure. While regular caps are easy enough, bucket hats are where the real problem lies. They’re “really difficult to keep them on.”

It doesn’t matter how much they try to secure them down. Hueningkai said, “They would still fall off, though.”

While glasses and hats look cool when they’re wearing them on stage, it turns out they’re having a hard time keeping them on their face and head. With the smooth way they handle it, no one would’ve known how annoying those accessories are. Watch them spill the tea about it here, twenty minutes in.