TXT’s Hueningkai Left Yeonjun Shook When Ranking His Belly

“I’m an idol!”

Shortly after their debut, TXT‘s Hueningkai caused laughter by ranking his members’ bellies with explanations that made his members want to start a friendly wrestling match. When Hueningkai recently ranked Yeonjun‘s belly, the outcome was just as funny as before.


Since Soobin earned the number one spot with a four-star score, Hueningkai chose the belly that took second place. He said, “Number two is Yeonjun.

Yeonjun proudly smiled until he heard Hueningkai’s next words. The maknae followed up with, “Yeonjun’s feels kinda plentiful.

Yeonjun was thoroughly shocked. His face froze as his eyes darted back and forth, processing the explanation. He then whisper-shouted, “I’m an idol!

Like the last hilarious ranking, Hueningkai tried to explain his good intentions. He said, “No, no. I meant there are lots of small bones but plentiful?

Yeonjun was still confused and said, “Then it still means I’m plentiful.” Hueningkai smoothed it over by saying, “No…but it just feels good.

Hueningkai’s next words earned him a well-deserved high-five. The maknae said, “Yeonjun is first, but his became hard recently. So, he’s down to second now.

Hueningkai’s belly ranking always brings much-needed laughter. Check out Yeonjun’s reaction to his placement here.