TXT Hueningkai’s Older Sister Lea Dishes Why They Never Fight With Eachother—The Reason Is Too Cute

Don’t all siblings fight?

TXT Heuningkai‘s older sister Lea recently held a live broadcast where she dished on her and her younger brother’s sibling relationship.

| @leanavvab/Instagram

For those who might not know, Hueningkai has one older sister, Lea, and a younger sister named Bahiyyih (they’re all so gorgeous!).

Lea and Bahiyyih | LEANAVVAB랴밥/YouTube 

The oldest sister, Lea, was asked on her live broadcast whether or not she and her younger brother ever argued: “Have you ever fought with your younger brother?

| @leanavvab/Instagram

Lea not only revealed that she and Hueningkai never fight, but also complimented his personality. Lea explained that Hueningkai’s kind personality is a main factor as to why the two don’t fight.

We don’t fight. My younger brother is kind of…he’s full of a lot aegyo and really kind. I don’t know if he always lets me win or if he actually looses, but we don’t fight. We have a good relationship.

— Lea

The two clearly seem to have a sweet relationship and Lea is a great big sister! She is such a sweetheart! I guess good looks and kindness run in the family!

Check out the clip below!


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