TXT Reveal How They Felt Seeing Their Hyung Line Show Off Their “Sexy Side” 

They all had different reactions!

TXT just finished their second week of promotions for their song “Magic” off their latest album The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE, and the older members wanted to know how the younger members felt seeing them show off their “sexy side.”

During their recent live broadcast, one fan pointed out Soobin and Yeonjun‘s sleeveless outfits for their “Magic” stage on Studio Choom, and wanted to know what the other members thought of it, as Soobin himself was quite embarrassed about the sleeveless look.

Beomgyu immediately shared that he thought Yeonjun looked awesome. Hueningkai on the other hand jokingly thought otherwise, but Beomgyu was quick to reassure Yeonjun that that wasn’t the case.

Meanwhile Soobin wanted to direct everyone’s attention to Taehyun, who he thought looked amazing for that performance.

In the end, all the members agreed that they loved the outfits for the Studio Choom performance, and the “dancer” vibes it had! Watch their performance below:

Source: Feature Image and VLIVE


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