TXT Invites You To Join Them For The #PUMAchallenge To Celebrate The Release Of New Album

Come join in on the fun!

TXT’s long-awaited return is finally here as they dropped their new album The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY on May 18. This is a follow-up to their previous two albums The Dream Chapter: STAR and The Dream Chapter: MAGIC.

For this new album it seems as if the boys have grown up a bit with a more mature and dark concept. The title track “Can’t You See Me” has an eerie vibe to it that is vastly different from their previous tracks.

Take a look at the music video to see the entire dark and mysterious vibe.

On June 4, they released the official music video for “PUMA,” which is a b-side track from their new album release. This concept shows another dark concept with the choreography and style being quite animal-like.

On June 5, TXT’s official Twitter invited fans to join the members in the #PUMAchallenge through TikTok. The boys split into two groups and showed the challenge with two members and three members.

Anyone wanna join them for this challenge? Post yours up and take part in this fun event to celebrate the release of their new album!