TXT Reveals What It Was Like Working With Jessi For “Showterview With Jessi,” And Now We Are Even More Excited

August 19 can’t come soon enough!

In the past, it has been no secret that K-Pop fans have loved the interactions between TXT‘s Soobin and soloist Jessi on Music Bank! As explained by Soobin in a broadcast, the two seem to be extremely comfortable around each other.

It meant that when it was announced that TXT would appear on Jessi’s Showterview with Jessi, fans couldn’t be more excited!

TXT with Jessi | @jessicah_o/ Instagram

Although the show won’t air until August 19, the episode has been recorded, and the members shared what it was like filming with Jessi.

The first member who shared his experiences was Taehyun on a recent live broadcast with fans. When asked what it was like meeting Jessi for the first time, he replied, “It was awesome!

Out of all the interviews I’ve had since debuting, including talk shows and variety shows, this was the best. It was so fun, she was so nice!

— Taehyun


Like Soobin, Taehyun also couldn’t stop praising Jessi for her personality on and off camera, and it seems as if she is just as genuine in real life.

She always had a smile on her face, even when the camera was off. Her gesture is so cool! It was a candid and fun time, so worth it that I lost track of time while shooting.

— Taehyun


Taehyun wasn’t the only member who couldn’t stop praising Jessi for making their time so comfortable. As expected, Soobin was also full of praise for Jessi, saying how she was the best MC and explaining just how comfortable she is to be around.

As soon as she came, she went ‘Where’s soobin? Hey! Soobin,’ and came to look for me. She greeted us very kindly. To be honest, when she was looking for me, I thought about hiding and scaring her, but she found me really quickly, so I couldn’t do it. Hahah, I think we’ve become THAT close now.

— Soobin

| Weverse
| Weverse

With all the members full of positivity and warm comments after filming the episode, fans are more excited to watch the episode once it comes out! However, with a few weeks until that date, there is plenty of Soobin x Jessi content to keep you full until then!

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