TXT And Jessi Tried To Demonstrate “Watermelons,” But It’s Not The Kind of Watermelons They Were Thinking Of

They are innocent boys!

After months of falling in love with the friendship between soloist Jessi and TXT’s Soobin, fans were treated as the group made a special appearance on her show Showterview With Jessi. As expected, it was full of chaos as Jessi revealed the most handsome member, got Beomgyu to write a swear word, and much more!

During the episode, they also played some games and, alongside a TXT quiz for host Jessi, all of them took part in a game of “Speak in your body language.” The idols would be put in groups of three, and the person at the front had to use their body to represent a word so the final person could guess.

It was team maknae (Beomgyu, Taehyun & Hueningkai) versus the “old” team (Jessi, Soobin & Yeonjun.) The younger members had some fun demonstrating former HYBE CEO Bang Si Hyuk, meerkats, and more.

Yet, when it came to the team of Jessi, Soobin, and Yeonjun, things became chaotic, as expected. With the first category being fruits, Jessi had the best reaction for seeing that she would have to act out the word “watermelon.”

Luckily, Jessi is never one to shy away from anything, and she had the perfect way to demonstrate the fruit to Soobin.

However, Soobin and the maknae team had a very different reaction to the demonstration, with Taehyun exclaiming, “Please don’t, we’re 20…” Unsurprisingly, Soobin was more nervous about showing it to Yeonjun, and his inner shyness definitely came out.

As he turned to Yeonjun, the realization suddenly hit him as he explained, “But I can’t demonstrate (it) as well as you.” His reaction not only made his fellow members laugh but sparked Yeonjun’s curiosity at what the word could possibly be.

In the end, Soobin managed to find the confidence to do it and, although it wasn’t as bold as Jessi, it must’ve been okay because Yeonjun added, “I feel like I shouldn’t get it right…” and it looked like he was ready to breakdown.

Of course, Yeonjun got it right in the end, but it was just so funny that it didn’t matter if he had got it correct or not. As always, it proves that Jessi could make TXT feel comfortable as they were able to be silly with her and do things they wouldn’t do anywhere else.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Mobidic