TXT Gave g.o.d’s Joon Park A Taste Of The HYBE Cafeteria Food

Will it live up to expectations?

HYBE Entertainment has recently gained attention from fans after learning about the amazing food served in the company’s cafeteria.

In the latest video on g.o.d Joon Park‘s YouTube channel, he visited the company’s new building with idol group TXT.

In the video, they visited the studios, practice rooms, and of course, the world-famous cafeteria. Joon Park couldn’t hide his amazement at the size from the minute he stepped into the room.

Despite the small spelling mistake on the menu, there was a huge variety of food to choose from, and between TXT and Joon Park, they picked hamburger steak, kimchi stew, and much more.

Looking at the size, price, and quality of what they received, it was no surprise that netizens have been praising the company for their food!

Despite its appearance, looks can be deceiving, so it was time to actually try the food and see if the hype was worth it! Luckily, despite TXT’s apprehension, Joon Park seemed to more than enjoy the food!

After enjoying his meal, the members asked where their cafeteria ranks compared to the other companies.

At SM, we ordered a total feast. At JYP, it’s health food. But the style of food that I like is this!

— Joon Park

It was so good that Joon Park even went back for seconds! With all the rave reviews, the HYBE cafeteria will soon become the place to go and get food.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: 와썹맨-Wassup Man


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