TXT Keep Mentioning Soobin’s Butt While Making Bread— Here’s The Funny Reason Why

Seems like Soobin is quite popular. 😂

For episode 45 of TO DO X TOMORROW X TOGETHER, TXT became patissiers and tried to make some bread.


The activity went pretty smoothly as the members followed the instructions of a professional patissier on how to make streusel bread and chestnut bread. However, one topic was surprisingly mentioned a couple times: Soobin‘s butt. The first time was when Taehyun rolled their freshly kneaded dough into a bowl, commenting on its shape.

Second, was when Yeonjun was instructed to handle the dough gently, as if it was a baby’s butt. So of course he had to make a comment on how he has never touched a baby’s butt— except for Soobin’s.

Aside from the adorable and hilarious comparisons to Soobin’s butt, their bread-making went surprisingly well. Stay tuned for next week’s episode when they try to make chocolate!