TXT Learned To Make Pizza And It Was A Tasty Trainwreck

Sometimes the tastiest things don’t look pretty.

TXT had a different type of interview with MTV News where they were asked questions while learning to make pizza. Although they were taught by an actual chef, the pizzas didn’t quite come out as planned.


Shortly after their introduction and before the interview began, Taehyun made sure to give the disclaimer, “We were born to do music.”

Things started to get off track from the very beginning when they had to stretch the pizza dough. Beomgyu and Yeonjun managed to get bubbles in it.

Yeonjun stretched his so much that it became see-through and Beomgyu poked a hole through his. Preparing the dough had been quite the challenge. It even got to the point that Soobin asked, “Wow. What is this?” to Hueningkai.

After adding tomato sauce and toppings, the pizzas began to take shape. And, they each showed their work starting with Yeonjun and Taehyun who both chose to go with the classic round shape.

The next two members were more creative with their pizzas. Hueningkai made a face while Soobin made a tennis racket.

To signify his love for both fans and his members, Beomgyu chose to make a heart.

Despite some of their looks, all of the pizzas were “delicious” after they had been cooked. And, that’s all that matters. Check out their funny learning experience here.