TXT Liked A Post About Chicken And Fans Aren’t Surprised At All

TXT and chicken always go hand-in-hand.

Recently on an online community board, fans began posting messages regarding TXT‘s Twitter page. They noticed that someone had liked a certain Twitter post regarding a screen shot of a post by an online user.

The screen shot message that was liked read,

Title: Two guys came and asked if we sold half a chicken.
I thought…what the hell who orders half a chicken for two people…but they ended up ordering six and a half chickens…WTF.

The Twitter user who posted this screen shot left initials of who they believed were to be the two guys talked about in the post. The initials made it seem like it was Choi Yeon Jun and Choi Soobin from TXT.

MOA’s are well aware that TXT loves eating chicken and that is one of their favorite foods. Having someone from the group liking a post about them ordering a lot of chicken didn’t seem so shocking considering they talk about it all the time through Weverse.

However, fans seemed to be divided on this post as some felt that they were using this as a way to get TXT to notice their post and gain likes. Others thought it was cute that the members would like a post regarding chicken.

Regardless of what their intentions were, the post has since been deleted.