TXT Is Living Their Best Lives In New York City

They’re doing whatever they want, and they’re loving it.

TXT is getting ready for the start of their showcase tour STAR in US, but they had some free time to spend as they’d like.

They were spotted enjoying their time in a park like any other young person would, playing games and talking with each other.

Beomgyu‘s attention was captured by a dog, and he just had to play with it. He cutely tried to get the dog to follow him around. The dog’s owner even joked that Beomgyu had the same hairstyle as the dog.

Hueningkai played a piano while the rest of TXT stood by and listened, completely enthralled by his playing. They were so into it that they nodded their heads in time to the music.

Since they’re younger idols, it’s always positive to see them act carefree and have fun like other people their age would, even if it’s something simple like taking photos.