TXT Make An Unexpected Cameo During LE SSERAFIM Chaewon’s Latest Photoshoot

When will Chaewon do the “Sugar Rush Ride” challenge?

Not too long ago, LE SSERAFIM‘s Chaewon was announced as one of the stars of the upcoming ENA variety show, HyeMiLeeYeChaePa.


Choi Yena,(G)-IDLE’s Miyeon, LE SSERAFIM‘s ChaewonPatricia, YGX’s Leejung, and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri | @channel_ena/Instagram

Other cast members include Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, (G)-IDLE’s Miyeon, dance crew YGX’s Leejung, Choi Yena, and television personality Patricia. The six women will spend time decorating an empty house in a mission-styled format.

| @channel_ena/Instagram

| @channel_ena/Instagram

Recently, the cast got together for the official poster shooting and shared the behind-the-scenes clips! Fans were excited to get a sneak peek into the dynamics between the cast members as they took individual and group shots.

| @channel_ena/Instagram

Chaewon looked adorable during her solo photos…

| @channel_ena/Instagram

| @channel_ena/Instagram

…but there was something that fans couldn’t help but notice about her outfit!

The green sweater she’s wearing is from the Korean brand FOE Sweatshirts and features a star-shaped design above another blob-shaped pattern.

| FOE Sweatshirts

The design is similar to one of the covers of TXT‘s latest album, The Name Chapter: Temptation! Specifically, the Lullaby version of the album features a similar shape in the same color scheme as the sweater.

| Target

Fans found this “cameo” funny and thought Chaewon might be showing off her inner TXT stan!

Check out Chaewon and TXT’s Yeonjun doing the “ANTIFRAGILE” challenge below!

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