TXT Share Their Love For Marvel And Reveal Which Avengers Character They Would Be

Could they be the K-Pop “Guardians of the Galaxy?”

Growing up, many people dream of being superheroes. Especially with the likes of Marvel and DC gaining popularity, most people have imagined which famous hero they would most like to be.

In a recent interview with Seventeen, TXT went through a series of popular culture trends and ranked them. One of the options was the worldwide Avengers franchise.

The members started by discussing the films. Although they watched it later than everyone else, TXT couldn’t hide their love for the movies. Taehyun explained how much he loved Endgame and the fact that, like most fans, he almost cried at the end.

As expected, the next question the members brought up was which Avenger’s character they would be, based on their personalities. Within a few seconds, Taehyun had a character for one of his members. Because of his strength, Yeonjun seemed to be like Hela, the daughter of God Odin and Goddess of Death.

Beomgyu quickly cemented his role as Iron Man, but the members had other ideas. Yeonjun thought that he was more like Rocket Raccoon from Guardian’s of the Galaxy.

On the subject of Guardian’s of the GalaxyHueningkai thought that leader Soobin was like the loveable Groot. In particular, he was like the adult version of Groot.

If Soobin was the adult version of Groot, Yeonjun added that Hueningkai was definitely either the baby or teenager version of Groot. That just left Taehyun but, after much thought, the group decided that they wouldn’t limit all the members to specific roles but categorize themselves as “Guardians of the Galaxy!”

There is no denying that TXT would make the perfect superheroes! Make sure to watch the whole video below.

Source: Seventeen, FI and FI