TXT May Be Hinting At An Important Part Of Their Comeback Choreography

They’re popping up too often to be a coincidence…

Leading up the announcement of their comeback this month with the album The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY, TXT couldn’t resist teasing fans about how amazing the choreography will be through their live broadcasts.

With the comeback on May 18 getting even closer, fans have noticed something the boys keep showing.

Although it may seem random, the item that keeps popping up is an umbrella. In their latest T:TIME clip, Taehyun appeared with one, walking around with it above his head.

This is only the most recent of the umbrella sightings.

Not only did MOAs notice multiple umbrellas hanging up in the practice room that BTS‘s J-Hope posted and has now removed, but they also spotted them in the batch of teaser photos.

In one of the “Port” photos, Hueningkai is seated on the bus with an umbrella in his hand. These moments weren’t the only things that made fans suspicious.

They may have been dropping hints in their tweets as well.

In a couple of the group’s tweets, eagle-eyed fans noticed they kept mentioning the weather. While this could all be a coincidence, everyone will just have to wait and see.

Ironically, Hueningkai has used the umbrella emoji a few times recently in his posts on Weverse. What do you make of all the umbrella symbolism? TXT performing with umbrellas would be something refreshing.