Each TXT Member Has A Different Name For Their Group Chat, And It Says A Lot About Their Personalities

Soobin’s was the funniest 😂

For TXT, naming their group chat is a very personal experience. In an interview with Seventeen, each TXT member revealed what they call it, and their answers were totally different! It definitely says a lot about their personalities.

Beomgyu was the first to share what nickname he gave their GC. He calls it “Team 1,” which is an effective and chic name.

Oh, mine says ‘Team 1.’

— Beomgyu

Next, Taehyun‘s GC name is nothing short of creative—”Together Again, Tomorrow.” It’s a play on words for “Tomorrow By Together,” but it’s also meaningful in another way. Taehyun knows without a doubt that he will be with his members every day.

Mine’s ‘Together Again, Tomorrow.’

— Taehyun

On the other hand, Yeonjun wins for conciseness! Short and sweet, his is “+x+,” which stands for TXT.

Mine’s just ‘+x+.’

— Yeonjun

When it was Soobin‘s turn, Taehyun brought laughter by accurately guessing it. He knew right away that Soobin didn’t bother even making a nickname for their group chat!

Bet I can guess Soobin’s. Just the default names: TXT TAEHYUN, TXT YEONJUN…HUENINGKAI.

— Taehyun

Soobin agreed and explained that he has yet to set is as another name.

And you’re right. Yeah, I didn’t set the group chat as something different.

— Soobin

Last but not the least, Hueningkai‘s is very straightforward: “TXT Group Chat.”

Mine’s ‘TXT Group Chat.’

— Hueningkai

Save for Soobin, each member gave their group chat a different name, and they’re impressive!

In case you missed it, watch the full interview below.

Source: YouTube