Here’s The TXT Member Who Fits Their Bad Boy Concept Best, According To Taehyun

It was difficult for them to turn into bad boys, but one of them did it best.

Making a comeback with their title track, “Good Boy Gone Bad”, TXT switched their concept from hopeless romantics to total bad boys. Though it was difficult to get into character as bad boys, Taehyun revealed which one of them did it best.


Music Bank MC ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon asked Taehyun to choose the member who effortlessly matched the bad boy concept of their song.

Thinking he already had it in the bag, leader Soobin thanked Taehyun for being chosen. Taehyun had another member in mind, though.

Taehyun quickly turned away from Soobin and said, “As I expected, Yeonjun!

Taehyun chose Yeonjun because he was incredibly skilled at pulling off dark concepts.

Yeonjun appreciated the compliment and gave Taehyun one in return. Yeonjun responded, “Thank you. You have great eyes.

Since Yeonjun has an amazing stage presence, it makes perfect sense he’d be just as skilled at showing off a darker side.


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