This TXT Member Is Growing Up Too Fast But MOAs Aren’t Complaining

His visuals are to die for.

As TXT‘s popularity increases, more and more fans and the general public have an increasing desire to get to know them better. During their debut, they were seen as five cute boys with excellent singing and dancing skills, almost too  good to be considered a rookie boy group.

Hueningkai, the maknae of the group, was noticed for his cute visuals and perky personality.

As a maknae he was of course seen as the baby of the group and was referred to as such. Until their comeback happened.

In their song “Runaway”, Hueningkai was seen with long hair and had obviously grown taller.

A few photo shoots revealed how much he has grown up and fans are going crazy for his eye-catching visuals.

The Season’s Greetings 2020 photo shoot showed heartthrob Hueningkai looking all handsome and mysterious, quite a departure from the funny and perky maknae during their comeback days.

This particular shot is reminiscent of classic vampire movies, and the TXT maknae could be perfectly cast as one. 

Fans are raving over his good looks, but some are hesitant to let go of their baby Hueningkai.


At barely 17, Hueningkai already looks every inch a perfect idol. Surely, more and more fans will be drawn to his outstanding visuals and talents in the next few months.

Watch TXT here in their shoot for 2020 Season’s Greetings here.