Each TXT Member Looks Forward To The Exact Same Thing Every Day, And We Totally See Why

You probably feel the same way!

Let’s face it—life can get pretty tough at times. Even so, days become easier when you have something to look forward to.

TXT, like many of us, also have something they look forward to without fail. Surprisingly, they all had the same answer!


In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, TXT talked about their daily routine and were asked what they anticipate every day.

Taehyun didn’t need long to think. He can’t wait to see what he’s going to eat!

What is something we look forward to every day? The first thing I looked forward to is…what to eat.

— Taehyun

The moment he said that, his members perked up and unanimously agreed with him. They also love food just as much as he does.

Me too!

Same here.

Food for me, too.

I was going to say that as well.


Food comes first,” Hueningkai stated.

Taehyun revealed that he even asks himself, “What are we going to eat?

TXT’s love for food is totally relatable! Their great appreciation for it is evident even in clips of them eating…

…and eating…

…and eating…

If anyone can make food look like it tastes amazing, it’s these guys! Catch more of TXT in the full interview below.

Source: YouTube