TXT Members Aren’t Really Feeling Yeonjun’s Random Dad Jokes, But We Are

Keep them coming, Yeonjun. We’ll be ready.

In a recent video by StudioK, TXT got to show off their personalities off the stage. And while TXT members would most likely disagree, MOAs believe the collection of Yeonjun‘s dad jokes featured in the video is quite possibly the best thing they’ve come across on the internet!


As Yeonjun dropped his first silly word play, Soobin didn’t think it stood a chance and commented, “That’s going to be edited out.” It wasn’t — instead, it launched a full on dad-joke marathon and MOAs are kind of glad:


Yeonjun then shared his best one, making the members (politely) laugh.

Do you know what color a hamburger is? It’s BURGER-ndy.

— Yeonjun


Feeling kind of supported by that good-hearted laughter, Yeonjun found confidence to keep going. His following jokes weren’t too successful…

Do you know what kind of sounds the lightsabers make when they’re in a fight? Pink! Pink!

— Yeonjun


By the time Yeonjun reached his desperate attempts, his teammates were 300% done with him. MOAs can’t stop laughing at Soobin’s facial expression:

Wow you guys are so mean, medium, mode to me…!

— Yeonjun


So perhaps Yeonjun’s dad jokes weren’t fall-off-the-chair-laughing funny, fine. MOAs gotta admit though — the next time they hear the word “pink” or “mean”, they’re inevitably going to remember Yeonjun and chuckle.


That’s victory enough for Papa Yeonjun!

Watch the full clip here: