TXT’s New Concept Photos Are Making BTS Fans Look Twice

ARMYs were shocked to see a familiar face in the flowers.

BTS fans have noticed a surprising detail in TXT‘s new concept photos!


On April 16, BigHit Entertainment tweeted out the first concept photo for TXT‘s upcoming “Cat & Dog” MV, along with the caption “guess who?”.


This garden-like room is bursting with so many flowers that may take some viewers a moment to spy the little dog sitting on the couch.


“Guess who?”, BigHit asked. ARMYs flooded the post with their answer: Min Holly!


Min Holly is BTS Suga‘s adorable fur child, and one of the most famous pets in K-Pop.


Although BigHit Entertainment has neither confirmed nor denied the dog’s identity yet, there’s no denying the resemblance.


Will Min Holly be getting a collab with TXT before BTS does? We’ll just have to wait and see!