TXT Were Missing Yeonjun At Their First Awards Show, But They Didn’t Forget About Him

“Yeonjun hyung, thank you.”

TXT attended their first award show since debut, but it was bittersweet because they were missing a member.

Yeonjun couldn’t join them for this appearance because he’d been experiencing back pain and is on his way to recovering. That didn’t stop the group from honoring him though.

During their performance of “Crown”, no one took over Yeonjun’s rap and instead let his backtrack play. And, that wasn’t the only way they shouted out their oldest member.

When they’d won The Male New Artist award, TXT didn’t forget to mention Yeonjun. Beomgyu thanked him specifically during their winning speech.

As a smaller group, the absence of one member really makes a difference. So, TXT did the best they could in the situation, never forgetting about Yeonjun even when they were overwhelmed.