TXT’s Relationship With MOA Was Once Awkward, But Not Anymore

Now, there’s no relationship more special.

TXT is currently promoting their fourth mini-album, minisode 2: Thursday’s Child, and while they’ve been in the game for three years, the group continues to improve. One thing that’s grown with them is the special relationship they have with their fans, MOA.

TXT’s Hueningkai, Beomgyu, Yeonjun, Taehyun, and Soobin (left to right) | NME

Speaking with NME, TXT explained that the relationship with their fans hasn’t always been so close. When they debuted, it wasn’t as easy to share things with their fans as it is these days.

When we first debuted, it was really awkward to share these things with MOA. But, as time went by, we really became good friends, and it was easier for us to share every little thing. Now, I think there’s no relationship that’s more special.

— Taehyun

Now, the relationship has become much more meaningful. Seeing what MOA writes on online platforms like Weverse allows TXT to feel closer to their fans. To Yeonjun, what they say is inspiring.

We can’t experience everything in the world, so when we see what MOA writes, we really learn how they feel and think. It’s a wonderful inspiration, and they’re a big help to us.

— Yeonjun

To Beomgyu, it’s simple; MOA is their hero.

Whenever we’re happy, we realize that MOA were always there by our side, so that’s why they’re our heroes.

— Beomgyu

Since the beginning, the relationship between TXT and their fans has strengthened.

I think it’s all about staying honest and opening up. We—MOA and us—have said so many things and shared so many experiences together, whether that be through music or through all the conversations we have online or through whatever other means we have. Our bond has only grown stronger, and we’re sure it’ll continue to grow.

— Hueningkai

TXT’s actions make it clear that the special bond between the group and the fans will only continue to become stronger. TXT is sure of it.

And MOAs certainly feel the same.

Source: NME