TXT Were Mobbed At The Airport, Raises Safety Concerns

Soobin kept Beomgyu close to him at all times.

On January 27, TXT arrived at Gimpo Airport, returning home after fulfilling their schedules in accordance with their Japanese debut.


The treatment they received as they walked through the airport, on their way to their cars, was far from a warm welcome from fans.

When they first made their way toward the exit, everything seemed to be going as smoothly as usual. With their faces covered in masks, they were as lowkey as they could become. Taehyun led the group, greeting their staff as they walked further in.

Yeonjun had even been in a pleasant mood, greeting one of their staff with a brief but warm hug. Moments later, all of that warmth disappeared as things started to spiral out of control.

As TXT began moving through the crowd, they started to hold onto each other. Their staff held onto them tighter as well. Little by little, fans were getting closer and closer to them. They didn’t ease up, either.

It reached the point where Soobin gripped onto Beomgyu tightly, keeping him by his side. It became so chaotic that one female fan fell to the side as their bodyguards helped the members toward the exit.

Even as the two made it through the dense crowd of fans, Soobin never let go of Beomgyu’s hand, holding him in his grip until they made their way outside and waited to enter their car. Everyone’s concerns were raised after seeing the group in the middle of such a situation.

Whether it’s fans not respecting TXT’s personal space, the lack of enough security, or a combination of both, the group faced a dangerous situation. Fortunately, they were able to handle it well and escaped physical harm. Watch the incident here.