TXT’s New Album Has A Secret Message On The CD And Fans Have Cracked It

The message is just another piece of the puzzle.

Tomorrow X Together (TXT) took the K-Pop world by storm when they debuted with their single “Crown” from their debut EP “The Dream Chapter: Star”. The group has already gone on to steal the hearts of K-Pop fans all over the world.

During their pre-debut period, TXT was known for including secret messages in their teasers, usually in Morse code. For example, each member had a “questioning film” accompanied by unique Morse code messages for each film, they spelt out different words like “tomorrow”, “secret”, “hope”, “promise” and “clue”.

Well, the physical version of their album is no exception. Some astute fans who received their copy of the album noticed something interesting about the beautiful looking CD…

Upon closer inspection, they noticed that the lines on the CD were also Morse code! And after cracking the code, a single sentence was spelt out: “Find the answers, change tomorrow”.

Theories are already running wild about how TXT fits into the existing BTS universe and just exactly who their characters are.