TXT Is No Match For Beomgyu’s Thighs And Neither Is Their Staff

This boy has thighs of steel.

On TXT‘s One Dream.TXT, they negotiated with the staff to play thigh wrestling so they could win another challenge.

When it was time to begin the battle, Yeonjun offered up Beomgyu, claiming that he had the strongest thighs. And, Soobin further proved it by saying that Beomgyu is the strongest out of all of them.

So, a staff member was recruited to compete against Beomgyu. Although they looked older and stronger, Beomgyu defeated them quickly by firmly holding them in place with his thigh strength alone and immediately breaking through when their positions were reversed.

No one seems to be a match for Beomgyu’s thighs, and who would’ve expected it from looking at his thin frame?

Watch the the battle for yourself to see why Beomgyu holds the title.