Here’s The Odi Mystery That TXT Still Can’t Solve

Until this day, none of the members know how Odi did it.

Among TXT‘s unique pets, Soobin has a hedgehog named Odi who sparked a mystery that none of the members can seem to solve. Here’s why it became the “most absurd” yet funniest moment of 2021 for the group.

Hueningkai holding Odi. | @TXT_members/Twitter

While Odi typically spends his days in Soobin’s room, that suddenly changed when he went missing. Soobin laughed before saying, “One day, he disappeared from the house.

Odi “was suddenly gone” from his cage, leaving Soobin worried. Until this very day, he’s “still confused how he escaped.” He even named all the ways that should’ve made it impossible for Odi to escape.

It wasn’t like the cage had a hole in it. It was blocked in all of the directions. Also, it’s pretty heavy for humans to carry it.

— Soobin

Soobin quickly jumped into action, searching the house to track down Odi. Hueningkai even helped by using Odi’s favorite snacks to bring him out of hiding. He said, “[I] placed mealworms on the floor since he might come out to eat them.

In the end, they found Odi in Soobin’s closet but didn’t solve the mystery of how it was possible for the small creature.

He can’t lift the cage with his nose. Or open the closet with his nose. Or even close it to get in there in the first place.

No one can touch him except me. I still can’t understand how he went into that closet.

— Soobin

Just thinking about it made Soobin compare it to other mysteries that may never be solved. He said, “One of the four main mysteries of the world.” Hueningkai described it as, “So strange and cool.

The other members were just as shocked by Odi’s escape, naming it one of the most impressive moments of 2021. Yeonjun remembered them searching his bed for Odi while Taehyun made them laugh by calling it, “Odi’s prison break.Beomgyu summed it up best by saying, “It was absurd, but also cute at the same time.

Although Odi looks so small and cute, he’s a clever creature that still has all the members of TXT stumped on how he escaped that day before being found.

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Check out the members agreeing that Odi’s prison break is a mystery that may never be solved.