TXT Picks The Three Members Who Cause The Most Trouble

Of course, they couldn’t decide on just one troublemaker 😂

After one year into their debut, TXT made their first appearance on the variety show Weekly Idol. They were able to show both their charming side and funny side naturally.

During one segment, they even exposed the members who tend to cause a bit of harmless trouble.

Beomgyu was the one who set it into motion. He picked up a hat with the nickname “troublemaker” and had to place it on the head of someone who fit the name best.

At first, he hesitated, “I think I should choose myself.” There turned out to be another member who fit the title.

After scaring Soobin to the point where he nearly jumped out of his seat, Beomgyu did indeed place the hat on his head. When the rest of them saw the nickname, they weren’t entirely satisfied with the choice.

Before Soobin could even adjust the hat on his head, Yeonjun pointed out another member who fit being a troublemaker better.

With a smile, he claimed, “It fits Beomgyu more.” There was one last member they picked to round out the trio.

Hearing Yeonjun’s words made Hueningkai speak up. Pointing to the hat, he announced, “I think it fits me too.” Yeonjun didn’t disagree.

Taehyun couldn’t wait to sum up all of their opinions quickly. Instead of adding another member or voting for one, he said, “They’re about the same, except [for] me and Yeonjun.”

Not only did the accurate statement have Yeonjun cracking up, but Hueningkai agreed, “Taehyun summarized it.”

Even though they were only supposed to pick one member as the top troublemaker, TXT couldn’t resist outing all three of them.

See all of them having fun selecting the members who stumble into some troublesome situations here.


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