Here’s How Each TXT Member Reacts To The Comment “Quit Your Job If You’re Not Good At It”

They all said something different.

The members of TXT have distinct personalities! This was especially seen in their MMTG interview where they shared their reactions to a particular scenario. Host JaeJae asked, “How do you react to the advice, ‘Quit your job if you’re not good at it.'”

Check out what they each replied below!

1. Beomgyu and Yeonjun

First up, Beomgyu would take the more aggressive route. He wouldn’t hesitate to say, “Who are you to tell me that?” to the person looking down on him.

Yeonjun agreed with his response. He admitted, “I think I’ll react the same way as Beomgyu.” As both have similar personality types—Yeonjun is ENFP and Beomgyu is ENFJ—they tend to show their emotions clearly.

Yeonjun had the same reaction as Beomgyu

2. Taehyun

The reaction of Taehyun, meanwhile, was as cool as he is. If someone suggests he’s not talented at his work, he’d reply simply, “Which part?”

It’s clear that he’s confident in his skills!

3. Soobin

As a leader with a gentle and kind personality, Soobin was shocked when he first heard the pretend scenario. He couldn’t believe that someone could be so straightforward.

He innocently explained, “I can’t imagine that someone can say such a thing to someone’s face. That person is so rude.”

4. Huening Kai

Finally, Huening Kai had the most angelic response according to the members and host. If a person ever implied that he wasn’t talented, he’d still look at the bright side.

I’d just think, ‘This person is very interested in me.’

— Huening Kai

Combative, cool, shocked, and sweet—everyone in TXT has unique reactions! Check out the full video below for more interesting facts about the members.

Source: YouTube