TXT’s Reason For Why They Can’t Discuss “Penthouse” During Live Broadcasts Is Funnier Than You’d Expect

Soobin just needs someone to talk about “Penthouse” with him.

TXT held their first live broadcast since moving into the new HYBE building. They caught up with MOAs as they played games and drew characters.


During the live broadcast, Soobin revealed that he has been watching season two of Penthouse. Like the rest of us, he wanted to talk about all the drama. He asked if he could talk about the K-Drama, to which Beomgyu exclaimed, “We can’t! We have younger MOAs watching!”

| Penthouse Season 2 Poster/SBS

The rest of the members joined in protest against their leader’s wishes to discuss the 19+ rated K-Drama since young fans were present. Yeonjun emphatically said, “No!” Taehyun pointed out that a fan had commented that they graduated from kindergarten just earlier, which Soobin never believed to be true. Regardless, the members still wished the MOA congratulations.


Soobin, who has been watching Penthouse alone, expressed his sadness over the fact that he has no one to talk to about it. Thankfully, Huening Kai volunteered and said, “Okay, hyung, I’ll watch with you.” 

Source: @translatingTXT, TOMORROW X TOGETHER and insight