TXT Received All The Love From Fans—Even If Fans Had To Break “SOBA’s” Rules

MOAs are a bunch of rule-breakers, just like TXT.

Among the many solo artists and groups that attended the 2020 Soribada Best K-Music Awards, TXT was a part of the lineup of attendees.

Although many live events, such as the recording of music show performances, have been filmed without a live audience, the awards show decided to break that new tradition.

They allowed fans to attend as long as they stuck to the guidelines put in place for everyone’s protection. When it came to showing TXT all the love and support they deserved, fans couldn’t help breaking one.

In addition to performing their track “Can’t You See Me?”, TXT was announced as the winner of the New Hallyu Artist Award. As soon as the host read the group’s name off the cue card, fans burst into loud screams of joy. The hosts had even been taken slightly aback, for more than the loud cheers. MOAs had broken the rules.

For everyone’s safety, one of the rules Soribada had put into place for the show’s audience was not shouting or screaming. Even though everyone wore masks, they most likely wanted to decrease the chance of spreading COVID-19—specifically coronavirus—even more by not creating respiratory droplets.

When it came to showing TXT some love for their win, fans didn’t see too much harm in a little bit of screaming from behind their masks.

Even when TXT came to the stage to accept their award, some MOAs let out screams after Soobin led their team greeting and began their acceptance speech. The fact that they were such rebels had many fans laughing at their bold display of support.

They’re definitely following TXT’s lead. If they can be a bunch of rule-breakers and make up “New Rules”, so can MOAs.