TXT Reflect On The Memories And Hardships From Their Trainee Days

It was a mix of memories, nostalgia, and hard work!

TXT recently appeared in an editorial for Elite Daily discussing all aspects of their lives from the impact of COVID-19 to the music video for their 2020 track “Eternally.”

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In the interview, the members also looked back on their days as trainees at Big Hit Entertainment.

Leader Soobin spoke about difficulties they faced becoming trainees at such a young age, with the members all starting their training when they were in high school and middle school. He explained that because they were so young, they had not experienced a lot of things.

When we debuted, we faced a lot of difficult ordeals, thoughts, and tribulations for the first time, trying to resolve conflicts and learning about the world.

— TXT Soobin

Beomgyu looked back a little more fondly, remembering how it was those tough days that inspired their music.

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Speaking about their 2020 song “Maze in the Mirror,” Beomgyu recalled the track’s origin and how it was composed during their time as trainees.

When we recorded the song, we remembered all those times we’d had together, crying, laughing. That’s why this song was particularly special to us.

— TXT Beomgyu

He then explained some of the memories from before TXT, which were sometimes as simple as when he would walk to Big Hit Entertainment and then back home.

In spring, I loved the weather; after work, I loved seeing the crowds of people on the street. [Because of fame,] now that is gone.

— TXT Beomgyu

On the other hand, Taehyun had a very different view and did not feel as much nostalgia for his past, saying, “I don’t really miss my life before debut. I think I’m much happier now.”

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Looking back, Hueningkai looked at the days after they had debuted and lost the title of trainees. He joked about the difficulties he faced during his first few times on stage!

It was particularly hard to look at the camera. I didn’t know where the [camera] lights were; I didn’t make good facial expressions.

— TXT Hueningkai

After celebrating their second anniversary this month, TXT has grown and, even with the pandemic, are finding new ways to engage with their fans!

Source: Elite Daily