TXT’s Respectful Actions Towards NCT Dream Sparks Friendship Goals

Fans now want them to go from hoobaes-sunbaes to close friends.

At the end of the Seoul Music Awards, all of the artists gathered on stage to do what they typically do to remember the moment: they posed for a group photo.

Since TXT were standing at the back along with NCT Dream, they realized there was a minor problem they needed to solve.

Soobin and Beomgyu were the ones who realized their heights and positions could’ve blocked NCT Dream from appearing in the photos. Having the utmost respect for their seniors, they jumped right into action.

Not wasting any time, Beomgyu quickly turned around and motioned for them to move closer. Soobin followed suit, getting their attention as well.

Soobin didn’t want TXT to be in the way of NCT Dream and held a hand out for them to move forward. As they did, he also bowed politely to them. That wasn’t the end of their worrying, though.

Even after NCT Dream had moved closer, Beomgyu took a peek backward at them. Soobin did too. Since he’s over six feet tall, he went the extra step of bending down.

The shy interaction between the two groups has fans wanting them to become friends, especially since they’re within the same age range. Not only would TXT have same-age friends, but ones who they could learn from.

See the two groups’ interaction that’s sparking the want for them to become the best of friends.