TXT Revealed Their Favorite Tracks From Their Album And They’ll Surprise You

They even surprised themselves.

During an interview with iHeartRadio, TXT were asked to choose their favorite song from their album The Dream Chapter: Star.

Taehyun chose first, selecting “Blue Orangeade” for its delightful melody and lovable lyrics.

“Cat & Dog” was Yeonjun‘s choice because of his love for hip-hop. Beomgyu agreed with him by saying, “He loves hip-hop, and I love hip-hop too,” and giving him a high-five.

Hueningkai chose “Crown” for its great melody and lyrics.

“Nap Of A Star” was Beomgyu’s choice because he likes playing guitar and the members’ voices are so soothing he could sleep while listening to it.

Soobin chose “Our Summer” for its cool yet beautiful lyrics and melody.

Each of the members chose a different song from the album, which shows their own individual personalities. Check out their responses here and learn more about Big Hit Entertainment‘s rookie group.