TXT Reveals How BTS Celebrated Their “MAMA” Rookie Award Win

BTS wanted to celebrate such a major milestone with them.

When TXT won the rookie award for “Best New Male Artist” at the MAMA‘s, there was no one who was as happy for them as their seniors BTS, who’ve shown their excitement for them more than once.


When TXT had won another award at the Melon Music Awards, V was so excited for them he literally jumped out of his seat.

With seniors like this, TXT didn’t have to worry about how to celebrate their win. In a recent interview, TXT revealed that BTS had prepared a mini celebration for them.

When asked what BTS had told them upon winning, Taehyun said they had acknowledged all the hard work they’d put in to receive it. Since they’re always working to live up to everyone’s expectations of them, it must’ve been music to their ears. What happened when they went to the waiting room after the win really cemented the reality of it.

As soon as TXT returned to their waiting room, Beomgyu revealed they were pleasantly surprised to find that BTS were already waiting there for them. They congratulated TXT on their win before everyone celebrated it together.

Even though BTS had won many awards that day, they found it more important to be there for their juniors.


BTS didn’t have a senior group to look up to or take care of them when they joined and debuted under Big Hit Entertainment. The fact that they can be that for TXT makes them happier than ever.