TXT Reveals BTS Gave Them This Advice On How To Be Better Musicians

BTS are helping TXT stay on top of their game.

TXT may be rookies, but they have the advantage of being from the same company as the biggest boy group in the world – BTS. BTS flawlessly incorporate different genres in their music, and they’ve spilled the simple secret of how they achieve this with their Big Hit Entertainment juniors, TXT.

TXT (front) with Big Hit family BTS (back) and Lee Hyun (back, middle)

In an interview with Teen Vogue, TXT revealed that their seniors BTS encouraged them to develop their musical ear by listening to a wide variety of music.

They recommended lots of good songs to us from different genres, especially R&B and hip-hop

-Huening Kai

Teen Vogue revealed that some of TXT’s favorite songs include Tupac, SZA, and Stevie Wonder. Listening to and learning from these musical heavyweights will definitely help TXT on their journey to becoming even better musicians.

Source: Teen Vogue