TXT Reveals Their First Impressions Of Each Other And Things Take A Funny Turn

Taehyun held nothing back.

TXT played with puppies as they answered questions with BuzzFeed. When they had to share their first impressions of each other, the answers were hilariously unexpected.


When it came to HueningkaiTaehyunSoobin, and Yeonjun all agreed he was cute, with Soobin saying he looked like a doll. But, things took a turn when Hueningkai said, “I know.” Soobin frowned his face and Taehyun burst his bubble with, “Not now.”

Both Soobin and Taehyun shared the same first impression of the oldest Yeonjun. They thought he was cool. Upon hearing the compliment, Yeonjun gave fist-bumps to both of them to show his appreciation.

Beomgyu‘s impression of Taehyun started off hilariously with him saying Taehyun’s eyes and nose were “so big.” By the end though, he simply meant that those features had made Taehyun handsome. And, like Hueningkai, Taehyun said, “I know,” but he added, “Thank you,” as well.

Soobin also shared his first meeting with him as well. Taehyun had been fifteen and he looked like a baby, according to Soobin.

Although their first impressions of Beomgyu and Soobin weren’t included here, what they did share was more than entertaining. Listen to their funny thoughts here.