TXT Reveals Their Secret Hobbies In An Exclusive Interview

Given their busy schedules, we hope the members have the time for their hobbies.

TXT has been touring the U.S. with their sold-out showcase, Star in U.S.

While TXT has commitments around the clock, the members shared that they always took time to enjoy their hobbies when they have a bit of spare time.

Hueningkai, who plays the guitar, piano, and drums, takes time to listen to songs and play instruments. Beomgyu shares similar interests, and enjoys playing guitar and writing songs.

I love to listen to songs and play instruments.

— Hueningkai

Yeonjun and Taehyun prefer hanging out with friends when they have spare time.

Yeonjun loves watching movies while chilling…

…while Taehyun loves playing soccer with his friends.

Soobin is unique–he keeps a daily diary and spends his time reading and writing!

With the boys busy schedules, we hope that they have time to keep up with their hobbies!

Source: Billboard