TXT Reveals Which Two Members Have The Best Fashion

Yeonjun noticed something funny about Soobin’s vote.

During their sit-down with Cosmopolitan, TXT broke down some of their favorite fashion pieces and styles.

While on the topic, they couldn’t proceed without selecting which member had the best fashion sense. Naturally, they couldn’t settle on just one.

Being the super confident maknae he is, Hueningkai nominated himself. “I think it’s me.” That didn’t come as a surprise to anyone, especially Yeonjun: “That was a rather predictable answer.

Beomgyu switched it up by choosing a different member, “I think Yeonjun.Taehyun followed his lead, “I think Yeonjun too.” With two nominations under his belt, even Yeonjun had to agree. “I think me.

When it came to Soobin‘s vote for the group’s fashionista, he couldn’t resist staying loyal. “I think Hueningkai too.” Yeonjun quickly caught on by pointing out their similar styles, “No wonder they were dressed the same.

With his bold pink hair and chic outfits, it’s no wonder that Yeonjun would take the crown. The maknae isn’t too far behind him, though.

Watch the funny vote between the TXT members for the most fashionable member here. Who’s the most stylish in your book?