TXT Sends Birthday Messages To Bang Si Hyuk And Their Interaction Is Too Cute

Happy Birthday Bang PD.

On August 9, TXT’s Yeonjun shared their adorable conversation with Bang Si Hyuk as they wished him a happy birthday.

| @TXT_members/Twitter

Each of the five members sent their birthday text messages to Bang PD and their personalities could be seen through their words and emoticons.

Yeonjun: Oh my god oh my god Sihyuk PD happy birthday >< Going forward, I will become an artist that can take the other person down with my rap, dance and singing skills. Thank you always.

Taehyun: *sends happy birthday emoticon*

Bang PD: Ahhhh! keke *sends oh yeah emoticon*

Beomgyu: Ohh Sihyuk-nim happy birthday! We just did our dance practice on your birthday so here is a selfie of me and Yeonjun just now! *sends selfie*

Bang PD: lol

Soobin: *sends happy birthday emoticon* PD-nim happy birthday! Have a great day! and eat a lot of good food!

Yeonjun: PD-nim can we post our birthday text conversation to Twitter?

Huening Kai: *sends cute heart penguin emoticon* Hahaha Sihyuk-nim Happy birthday!

Bang PD: *responding to Yeonjun’s message* Of course you can!

Yeonjun: Oh yay!!

As soon as Yeonjun received the ‘ok’ signal from Bang PD he posted the text message screenshots to their official Twitter page and shared it with fans.

We love to see these close interactions between CEO and artists and we hope they will continue to keep their relationship strong!