TXT Shows Off Their Incredible Teamwork While Making Breakfast In 3-Minute Cooking Show

Their teamwork is unmatched!

The latest episode of TO DO X TOMORROW X TOGETHER showed just how well the TXT members work together.

Once the members  all gathered outside their accomodations, the staff told TXT they were going to make dumpling stew for breakfast during a 3-minute cooking show.

The TXT members listen as the staff tells them about the 3-minute cooking show. | TXT/Weverse

Each member got 2 3-minute turns, which added up to a total of 60 minutes of cooking time.

As each member completed their first turn, the other members waited and shouted out words of encouragement to the member who was cooking.

Beomgyu encouraging Soobin while Soobin completes his turn on the 3-minute cooking show. | TXT/Weverse

During Soobin‘s turn, he cut green onions for the very first time, and Beomgyu encouraged him by saying, “Nice job. You’re doing great.”

As the cooking show continued, each member built off of the work the members before him did.

For example, Taehyun continued cutting green onions after Soobin and later moved on to cutting red chili peppers and dumplings. Then, Hueningkai added the dumplings Taehyun cut to boiling water to make broth.

Taehyun cutting onions | TXT/Weverse

The group’s teamwork was kicked up a notch after the staff changed the rules to let Yeonjun give advice to the other members while they cooked to make the stew “something edible.”

Yeonjun listens as the staff tells him and Beomgyu about the new rules for the 3-minute cooking show. | TXT/Weverse

Although the staff only revised the rules to allow Yeonjun to give advice to the other  members, Beomgyu decided to help, too. During Soobin’s next turn, Beomgyu tore cabbage for Soobin while TXT’s leader cut mushrooms and put them in the pot of stew.

Beomgyu and Soobin cooking together | TXT/Weverse

At the end of the cooking show, Beomgyu and Yeonjun put the finishing touches on the stew together.

TXT’s finished stew | TXT/Weverse

Although the members technically didn’t follow the rules, we loved seeing them show off their incredible teamwork while making their breakfast!

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