TXT Revealed Their Sleeping Habits And Now We’re UWUing

Each member’s sleeping habit is just as unique as he is.

TXT debuted just over a week ago. With every passing day, fans are learning more about the members’ quirks, like their adorable sleeping habits!


On March 10, TXT hosted their first live broadcast with fans. They responded to comments, answered questions, and shared details about their living situation. All five members currently share one room, which means each member gets to see what all the other members do in their sleep.


First of all, every single member is a heavy sleeper. Taehyun says that when their alarms go off, no one gets up!


Beomgyu often talks in his sleep. He’s been heard calling out for his mom, and he likes to have conversations with his members.


HueningKai playfully said that he doesn’t have any quirky sleeping habits, other than looking cute! He also sleeps with a doll.


Beomgyu also commented on HueningKai’s cuteness, and said he looks just like a cartoon character when he’s fast asleep.


When Soobin fished for compliments, Taehyun assured him that he looks adorable too when he’s asleep, but his posture is…”unique”.


Yeonjun also has a “unique” sleeping posture. He falls asleep in a normal position, but he wakes up every morning with his upper half out of the bed. The position looks so awkward that Beomgyu often asks him if he has any aches from it.


As for Taehyun, Beomgyu joked that the members haven’t seen him sleep very often. That’s because Taehyun has a habit of sleeping with his eyes open. His members have to check to see if he’s really sleeping!