TXT Were So Excited To Sit Near BTS They Were Counting The Seats To Make Sure

It’s written all across Beomgyu and Yeonjun’s faces.

TXT attended the Melon Music Awards alongside their seniors BTS. Since TXT are well-known ARMYs, they lost their cool when they realized they would be sitting near them.

Taehyun pointed out the empty seats in front of them, most likely telling them that BTS would be the ones sitting in them. As soon as Beomgyu heard this, his interest was immediately piqued while Yeonjun didn’t keep the look of pleasant surprise off his face.

Beomgyu stood up and counted every seat to check if there were enough for BTS. When he found that there were, a smile spread across his face.

Even if TXT has a group chat with BTS and see them from time to time, they’re still the biggest ARMYs. Watch them get excited over the small victory here.