TXT’s Soobin Accidentally Hit Yeonjun On Stage, And Their Reactions Were Priceless

Yeonjun was the first to laugh.

TXT knows better than anyone that anything can happen on stage. So when Soobin accidentally hit Yeonjun during their Inkigayo “Sugar Rush Ride” stage, their reactions were hilarious.

Soobin and Yeonjun.

Although the mishap wasn’t shown in the final performance, eagle-eyed fans noticed a mistake where Soobin ended up extremely close to Yeonjun. They were so close that Soobin startled Yeonjun when jerking his elbow back, appearing to accidentally hit him.

Right after the mishap, Soobin kept his eye on Yeonjun, eventually making a funny face that acknowledged his mistake.

While Soobin had been concerned about Yeonjun, Yeonjun had the opposite reaction. He tried to hold in his laughter as he continued dancing.

Eagle-eyed fans even caught a moment where Yeonjun seemed to comfort Soobin by patting him on the back.

Fans were just as amused as Yeonjun by the unexpected mishap.

While the mistake was funny to many, leader Soobin remained humble by apologizing afterwards and thanking the staff for their efforts in reshooting the scenes.

When it comes to TXT, there’s never a dull moment.

See the mishap that made Yeonjun and fans laugh.