TXT’s Soobin’s Advice For Exercising Is Cracking Everyone Up

They asked the wrong member for this subject.

Even though they’ve only been a group for a little over a year, TXT have proven how versatile they can be. From bright to dark concepts with catchy yet complex choreography, they can do it all.

Since all of their dancing is a form of exercise, a fan came to the group for help on their own fitness journey.

Seeing all the members looking slim and trim, the fan took to Weverse to ask them about the best way to maximize the benefits from working out: “Give me exercise tips, please.”

Funnily enough, Yeonjun and Taehyun, who exercise in their spare time, weren’t the ones who saw the question. Soobin did.

Unlike his members, the word exercise isn’t even in Soobin’s vocabulary. He has claimed his favorite hobby is “not moving.” Even so, he did his best to help the MOA out with a useful piece of advice.

From his own experience, he didn’t see the point in going through with the act at all. Rather than wasting energy and effort on it, Soobin gave her a warning to stay away: “Don’t do it.” Upon seeing his words of caution, it had fans laughing up a storm.

Instead of giving a random but well-meaning piece of advice, Soobin stayed true to himself by giving an answer only he could give. When you need an entertaining response, he has precisely what you need to hear.