TXT’s Soobin Revealed He Used To Be In A Band, And They Loved It

Beomgyu hit the nail on the head 😂

Although TXT‘s Beomgyu is well-known for being a guitarist before his debut, he wasn’t the only member who’d been in a band. Soobin recently revealed what instrument he played for one as well.

Soobin and Beomgyu.

During the group’s sit-down with NME, the outlet asked the members for the first band they were in. After Taehyun laughed while naming TXT and Hueningkai named his school band, the leader jumped in.

Soobin raised his hand and said, “I used to be in a band too.” Curious about what role he played, Beomgyu asked what instrument he played.

Soobin immediately imitated how he used to be a drummer, making everyone laugh at his high energy. Hueningkai said, “Wow, drums suit you.

It sparked an idea for Beomgyu, who said, “I bet he was that type: in a band for the sake of it.” Hueningkai nodded to agree.

It turned out they hadn’t been wrong. Soobin admitted, “Yeah, I joined because my school friends were in it.

With Soobin on drums, Beomgyu on guitar, and Hueningkai on piano, they already have the beginning of a band—especially with the rest of the members’ musical talents.

See Soobin make them laugh with a demonstration of his past band days.