Successful Fanboy TXT’s Soobin Spills The Details On Being Invited To Bebe Rexha’s House

“It was all mind-blowing to me.”

Four years after TXT‘s debut, Soobin finally achieved his dream of meeting singer Bebe Rexha. Because many were curious how the meetup happened, Soobin shared all the details of becoming such a successful fanboy that he was invited to his idol’s house.


look who it is!!!!!!! @txt.bighitent 💜

♬ Heart Wants What It Wants – Bebe Rexha

Soobin and Bebe Rexha originally planned to meet when they were both in Los Angeles, California. However, their busy schedules didn’t allow them time to do so. So Bebe Rexha offered a solution to finally make it happen.

Soobin expressed his gratitude when Bebe Rexha invited him to her home.

‘If it’s too hard to meet up, you can come to my house.’ She graciously invited me to her house. So I was [thinking] like, ‘Whatever!’ and I said, ‘Of course, I’ll go!’

— Soobin

Still happy about their meeting, Soobin said, “So as soon as our schedules ended, I went to go see her. It was so fascinating.” Sadly, their highly-anticipated meeting didn’t last long.

Soobin “couldn’t stay there for too long” and ended up meeting Bebe Rexha “briefly for about fifteen minutes.

Nonetheless, Soobin was grateful to meet the artist he’d been listening to since he was a trainee.

Being able to be in contact with her, take pictures, and film TikTok videos with her, even being invited to her house… It was all mind-blowing to me. They were such good memories.

— Soobin

That won’t be the end of Soobin and Bebe Rexha’s precious memories together. They both “promised to meet next time” when their schedules bring them to the same area.


Source: Weverse