TXT’s Soobin Chose Beomgyu’s Lookalike, And Fans Can’t Unsee The Resemblance

“Hold on, Soobin was right!”

Through his live broadcasts, TXT‘s Soobin revealed there’s a show that has a character who looks exactly like Beomgyu. When fans looked up the character, they couldn’t get over how similar they looked.


When Beomgyu asked if there were any cartoon characters that looked like him, Soobin couldn’t wait to name Ddalgi from the Korean cartoon Hello Jadoo.

Seeing his reaction, Soobin burst into laugher. Proving Soobin right that it wasn’t Beomgyu’s favorite comparison, Beomgyu said, “You think it’s funny?” Soobin wasn’t alone in thinking they looked alike, though.

After being reminded by Soobin’s recent live broadcast, fans proved it was indeed true by posting photos of the character beside ones of young Beomgyu. With his cute glasses and haircut, childhood Beomgyu looked exactly like Ddalgi.

Thousands of MOAs couldn’t get over the resemblance and admitted that “Soobin was right.

Although Beomgyu may want to deny it, his cartoon lookalike is actually spot-on for how he looked when he was younger.

Soobin and Beomgyu. | BB.
Source: Naver Live